Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" Reviewed: "Lemme See" ft. Rick Ross

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"Lemme See" is the second urban-radio single from "Lemme See," and it wastes zero time in targeting that market. Specifically, it emulates two pretty big urban-radio hits from last summer: Kelly Rowland and Lil Wayne's "Motivation," whose producer Jim Jonsin returns here with the same distant, heavily reverbed synth pings that let it seduce; and DJ Khaled's "I'm On One," whose soft, meandering synth hook isn't far off from the one in the background here. These two tracks had something else in common besides being massive, though; they both sounded great. If you're going to, let's say, heavily emulate two hits for your big comeback single, you could do far worse.

And if you're going to pull off a sex track--something that should be evident from the title--it's sometimes better to tease than reveal. Usher stops just short of getting explicit--both skirt (hers) and shirt (his) come off, but the narrative swerves pretty quickly afterward; later, on the chorus, Usher croons "What you're gonna do to me--don't talk about it, be about it," and the pause is sudden as a shush. It's less about the act than the anticipation, which as Usher surely knows only makes things better once things finally progress.

Right. There's also a Rick Ross guest verse, about which there's little to say we haven't before. Sorry, Rozay. This is clearly Usher's night out; we assume you understand.

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