Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" Reviewed: "Numb" (Feat. Swedish House Mafia & Alesso)

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"They say life is a battlefield / I say bring it on." Actually, Usher, usually it's another word that people tend to talk about being a battlefield, but point taken—yet again on Looking 4 Myself, it's time to ignore our non-club-related problems and hit the dancefloor. To that end, Ush enlists the persuasive talents of Coachella-headlining beatmakers Swedish House Mafia (as well as unofficial Fourth Mafioso Alesso), who provide Usher with all the zooming synths fist-pump-worthy beats that he could possibly need to get his point across—that point, of course, being to "Just go numb / You never know until you let go."

Does it work? Yeah, it works. It sounds appropriately enormous for an Usher / SHM collab, and though it won't win huge points for originality—David Guetta is probably seething in his Parisian mansion that the Swedes got on the main album while his effort got relegated to the bonus tracks—it does have the mind-numbing, body-activating effect the song is so explicitly searching for. Call it an EDM cash-in if you want, but Usher was embracing club music way before most of his American pop star peers hopped on the bandwagon, and he certainly fits in the genre's fold as well as any of them do.

Also, Alesso, if you want to send us an itemized list of your contributions to "Numb" so as not to confuse them with the Swedish House Mafia guys', we'd be happy to give you a specific shoutout or two.

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