"Scream" isn't a minimalist song, at all, but you could say it's got a fairly simple concept: fill the club as efficiently as possible. So it makes sense that there's not much going on in the video besides spotlit, possibly underwater dancing. As The Awl points out, the video looks just like the videos to "Rock With You" and "Heroes"-=but then again, if you're a fan and you want to spin that, you can say the video been compared to Michael Jackson and David Bowie.

Oh, fine. There's a little more going on here than a dance recital. There's a woman in a bikini in a fishtank, filmed at every possible angle including one with dramatic underworld lighting (1:33). There's a crowd shot. There's ridiculousness like bursting through a wall (3:22), underwater fist-pumping (3:30), and gratuitous fleeing and slo-mo (again, too many instances). Still surprisingly little screaming, though.