Vancar Premieres ‘Chemistry’

He's trying to catch the attention of a girl who caught his.

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Producer, songwriter and multi- instrumentalist Evan Carcaterra, aka Vancar, premieres "Chemistry."

Vancar collaborated with Grammy award winning music engineer Pete Novak and vocalist, guitarist Daniel P. Feldman of Airplane Man, on "Chemistry."

Following the release of the eclectically beautiful "Go Outside," "Outside The Gate" and "Black Dress" last month, "Chemistry" is an ode to flirting, trying to catch the attention of a girl who caught his, in a playful and romantic way. "Chemistry" transports listeners to a never-never land of bliss and wonder.

Vancar explains his creative process, saying, "The words and the music form together at the same time."


"Chemistry" opens with gleaming guitar riffs, followed by finger-snaps. The pop-flavors of the melody carry a tropical-lite feel, a hybrid of R&B, pop, and jazz infused with gospel colors. The low-slung bass line drives the rhythm until the jazz-like drums kick-in, adding taut pops and ghost beats.

Mellow vocal tones, rich and smooth, give the tune a charming vibe. Soft, luminous backing vocals permeate the harmonics. The merging of the supple guitar of Feldman and the depth of the harmonies results in a silky infectious sound.

Vancar offers a tender and seductive piece with "Chemistry", both vocally and with his knack for producing a polished, intimate arrangement.

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