It became one of the most-quoted hip-hop lyrics of 2012: "BITCH YOU WASN'T WITH ME SHOOTIN' IN THE GYYYYYYM!!" That line, from Drake's guest verse on Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin'," was in reference to one Vanessa Bryant, ex-wife of basketball star and super-duper-millionaire Kobe Bryant, and how Kobe was, according to Drizzy, "bout to lose 150 M's" to Vanessa in the divorce settlement. (It wasn't actually that much.)

While greatly helping Drake's musical profile in 2012, however, the line has haunted Vanessa somewhat, who became understandably irritated that she'd become something of a hip-hop punchline. After being hounded with the lyric one time too many by Drizzy acolytes, the one-time basketball wife took to the comments on her Instagram to rant about the song and how she's been treated since its release:

I love when immature kids quote a rapper that has never been friends with Kobe and knows nothing about our relationship. Just shows how gullible they are. I don’t need to be in the gym. I’m raising our daughters, signing checks and taking care of everything else that pertains to our home life. But thanks for your concern over an immature quote.

I really wish people would stop THINK and then realize that they are being sucked into someone’s clear intention to monetize and gain attention off of our family’s heartache. This is real life. I hold down our home life so my husband can focus on his career. It’s a partnership.

Since my husband isn’t friends with Drake, we received a text of an apology forwarded from his manager. It’s done and over with and it’s now time for people to THINK before speaking.

Ouch. No real burns to speak of here, but there's a subtle guilting to Vanessa's message that probably is getting under Drake's (somewhat sensitive, we have to assume) skin right now in a way he can't even fully describe. He'll probably think twice before putting Giselle Bundchen's name in a song now, anyway.