People who have apparently never done drugs are now asking if Vanessa Hudgens did drugs! This is based off photos taken of her at Coachella in which she reaches into a zip-lock bag, retrieves a pasty white substance, and licks it off her finger. Was she DOING DRUGS?

























Well, let's turn to the experts. The National Institutes of Health's website entry on cocaine lists the following delivery options for the illicit white substance:

  • snorting
  • injecting
  • smoking

The observant reader will note that "licking" appears nowhere on this list. While it is certainly possible that Vanessa Hudgens is just really bad at doing drugs, it seems more likely that she was engaging in the activity more frequently associated with a dipping-licking motion, i.e. eating.

But what is she eating?!?! Is it the exotic Middle Eastern food hummus, making Hudgens a secret Muslim? Is it melted white cheddar, implying that she is some sort of sick lactophile? Or is it mayonnaise, making her just kinda gross? The Internet demands answers!