Venmo Dating App—When You Want to Date But You’re Cheap AF

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Venmo dating app allows you ask your lucky date for their half of the check after the date has ended...

So you meet this girl (or guy) and you really want to ask her (or him) out.

You want to seem chivalrous and pay for the date, even though it’s 2016 and splitting the bill or (gasp) accepting an offer to pay is totally acceptable.

Why block your own cock (or whatever you’ve got)?

Pay now, ask your date for their half of the tab sometime later thanks to Venmo.

You may have heard of the peer-to-peer payment app, Venmo, founded by the creators of PayPal, that lets folks split things like the cable bill or an Uber ride.

You link up your credit or debit card to the app for an easy payment process when shared by two or more individuals.

Well now, for those cheap singles out there, you can send your date a payment request so they can fork over part of the bill.

Hindsight is $20/$20, isn’t it?

While it’s not clear if the request can only be submitted if the two parties agree upon the split beforehand, this method will clearly not score anyone date #2.

Dude, if you cannot afford to ask someone out, then stay home and watch your roommate pick his toenails.

Or better yet, work more shifts so you can impress your date with a slice of pizza and a Coke.

Venmo is a great idea when all parties are in the know, but to get a post-date bill is tacky at best.

If there was ever an app solution with no game, it’s the pay-me-back-for-the-date-I-asked-you-on-and-already-paid-for variety.

Go Dutch (in person) or go home!

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