Of all the recent wave of fat famous people who have gotten unexpectedly thin—Seth Rogen, Jerry "Turtle" Ferrara, Jonah Hill, etc.—perhaps none is harder to get used to than ex-Fall Out Boy lead singer Patrick Stump, who now looks something like Kip Pardue from Remember the Titans and Rules of Attraction. Our first extended glimpse of the newly svelte singer comes courtesy of the video for "This City," which also sees Stump lose his once-trademark hat and t-shirt for a more sophisticated mod look. The now-classy Stump sways awkwardly in an empty room while crazy colors and smoke effects go off in the background, cut with B&W shots of Stump wandering the titular locale, with guest rapper Lupe Fiasco showing up momentarily for his brief cameo.

It's not nearly as much fun as FOB's silly storyline-focused videos used to be, but we all better get used to it. As Rick Pitino might say, Pete Wentz is not walking through that door.