Voila: Here Is Your Justin Bieber "Believe" Tracklisting

Justin. Justin, Justin, Justin. Haven't you heard your entire Believe promotional campaign? The part about how you are making albums for grown-ups now? Grown-ups often have eye problems, the sort of thing that makes it really, really, really, REALLY difficult to read white text on a yellow background. I'm barely a grown-up, and I can't read this. If I was your graphic designer, you'd never be alone. (Or something like that.)

That said, perhaps Bieber just wants to bask in the vintage-filtered sunlight. (And the inspirational quotes up top.) We'll let him do that and give you a tracklisting that's legible:

01. All Around The World ft. Ludacris

02. Boyfriend

03. As Long As You Love Me ft. Big Sean

04. Take You

05. Right Here ft. Drake

06. Catching Feelings

07. Fall

08. Die In Your Arms

09. Thought Of You

10. Beauty And A Beat ft. Nicki Minaj

11. One Love

12. Be Alright

13. Believe

14. Out Of Town Girl

15. She Don't Like The Lights

16. Maria

You will notice a number of things here:

- All the tracks that were announced are indeed here. That Ludacris collaboration is almost definitely going to be a single at some point, since it's the first track. So's the one named after BSB, although that's been established.

- Of the newer stuff: Nicki Minaj feature! Granted, a Nicki Minaj feature is the single least surprising element of a track after a Chris Brown feature. She guested on a Willow Smith track, don't forget. It's still more inherently exciting than an appearance from, say, Big Sean. (Sorry, Sean. You're still around?)

- "Maria" may or may not be about Mariah Yeater--he did say he wrote a song about her, but maybe he just met a girl called Maria, or met someone who reminds him of a West Side Story, or needs to solve a problem named Maria. Actually, that last one could plausibly be a lyric to the song. If it is, we promise not to say "ugh just get OVER IT ALREADY" much.

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