Prom season is here, inflicting anxiety upon all high schoolers, limo drivers and unlucky educators doomed with the responsibility of chaperoning a social event sans alcohol. We've already seen televised proms announce a new class of high school royalty, and to further celebrate this timeless tradition—one which will hopefully teach boys how to properly slow dance, or at the very least tie a tie—Popdust is giving certain pop star young'ns the opportunity to compete for the title of our very own king and queen. Below you'll find the five guys and five girls who make up our Popdust Prom Court, along with the extracurricular activities we assume each would have in school, and a personal yearbook quote for their peers to remember them by. If you're not too busy practicing your freak dancing (if the kids are still doing that) or doing a trial run on your updo, use this information to make a qualified, responsible decision, or just go with your unbridled passion and totally biased fandom.



We encourage you to vote as many times as you like before we announce the winners next Friday. Like all proms, Popdust's inaugural event will one to remember, with hopefully only one of us heading home in tears. But just because this is a (friendly) competition, doesn't mean you can't enjoy music from all of our Prom Court members. Turn up your speakers and unleash the best in chaperone-approved dance music, below. Enjoy!