In case you haven't been following the Katy Perry-Chief Keef beef, here's what's happened so far:

Katy Perry heard Chief Keef's "I Hate Being Sober" on the radio and provided a 140-character review:


Chief Keef took issue with the negative press:



But just as the feud seemed to be escalating, a well-timed apology shut it down. Chief Keef apologized to Katy Perry, saying that his violent words were completely—wait, no, that's not right. Katy Perry apologized to Chief Keef.


You're not reading that wrong. A famous woman expressed her opinion. A famous man threatened to beat her for it. She was the one who apologized.

Why did Perry apologize to Keef, and not than the other way around? Here are our top 15 guesses why:

1. The patriarchy.

2. The patriarchy.

3. The patriarchy.

4. The patriarchy.

5. The patriarchy.

6. The patriarchy.

7. The patriarchy.

8. The patriarchy.

9. The patriarchy.

10. The patriarchy.

11. The patriarchy.

12. She didn't feel like dealing with this shit. and thought an apology was the easiest way to end it.

13. By politely apologizing, she would throw the casual misogyny of Chief Keef's reaction into stark relief.

14. She knew that Keef, a young black man whose public image is already inextricably associated with street violence, would be roundly condemned no matter what she said, so she chose to err on the side of not burning bridges.

15. The patriarchy.

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