The search for the missing stripper continues, as Waka Flocka Flame laments the loss of his past love in "Round of Applause." Following a trailer that set the scene with a seedy underground business world and missing persons report, the full version sees Drake abandon his role as sketchy club owner who prides himself on siting around counting all his millions, in exchange for a festive partygoer. Giving the utmost respect to those professional dancers, a large part of the video is consumed by flexible and impressive moves that serve as a both visual and aural entertainment. But while Waka is enjoying the company of two of the club's more talented staff members, the sad girl he's looking for can be seen walking alone through a storm of falling Benjamins. The brief shot of her familiar face finally gives our hero the lead he so desperately needed, and goes to follow her just before she walks out of view. Or does he? Like all good strip club dramas, this one ends on a cliffhanger, giving us all time to master the "clap, clap." Watch below.