"They arrest my family? And my friends?? And confiscated two guns??" begins the super-dramatic intro to "Stereotype." "They lock me up, and held me without no bail. All because of my probation. So I gotta sit in this damn county, till my next court date." Next thing we know, Waka Flocka Flame is in fact sitting in court with his orange jumpsuit and his Mike Brown-looking lawyer, lamenting the arrest of co-rapper Lil Boosie and how police are harassing him because he's "thugging too hard." The opposing lawyers and judge appear unmoved by the Atlanta rapper's plight, though the court stenographer can't help bopping her head a little bit.

Eventually, Waka is acquitted for his thugging-too-hard crimes, and all rejoice—except for the cops, who have no choice but to get right back on their harassment grind. Just another day in this Brick Squad life for Waka Flocka Flame.