If you're still undecided about who you'll be voting for this November, Waka Flocka Flame has a suggestion. Of course, he's already looking ahead to the next election—was Wednesday's debate that disappointing?—when he plans to launch his campaign for presidency. Among the active Twitter dialogue taking place during Wednesday's verbal boxing match between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, Waka flooded the space with commentary on the two candidates, as well as his own bid for 2016.



He's already got an impressive campaign playlist to his name: "Round of Applause" is the inauguration anthem, "Grove St. Party" would be remixed to "Pennsylvania Avenue Party" upon the move to D.C., "No Hands" supports the funding technology initiatives—you get the idea. Just don't let your constituents listen to "I Don't Really Care," Waka.


At only 26-years-old, he won't meet the age requirement (35) to make the ballot in four years—but who knows! Silly details of our democratic process might not make it past the Mayan's end of days. We like his spirit and enthusiasm. So much so, we kicked off his official campaign ourselves:


Don't stress about paying us for the beautiful poster, Waka. We'll invoice your campaign manager later. Despite his demonstrated ambition, Waka hasn't entirely forgotten about what he's going to do on next month's special Tuesday:



It's early October, which means the sounds of musicians campaigning for their preferred candidate has only just begun. Now back to searching for a potential VP who fully adheres to Waka's ideological beliefs...