Poor Wale, just can't seem to get any respect from the outside world. Twitter was absolutely set on fire last night—or rather, it was if your timeline is filled with hip-hop and basketball fans—by an encounter that Mr. Forlarin, a noted sports junkie, had at a game between the Toronto Raptors and his hometown Washington Wizards where he was sitting courtside. The incident started when newly acquired Raptors forward Rudy Gay made a jump shot, then gave a "call me" motion to a cracking-up Wale. This set off the Raps' announcing team, whose knowledge of the DC rap scene appears to be a little lacking:

Supposedly this fan is a well-known local rapper...Wall-ay.

Yeah, and Rudy Gay said 'Hey, Wall-ay, I'm in Canada now, eh! Call me!

Call me after the game, because I just torched the Wizards for at least a dozen here in the quarter...Wall-ay is inspiring! I'm sure somebody on Twitter could tell me if they've ever heard of Wall-ay.

He's not Drake, that's for sure.

No, he's not Drake, and yes, Matt Devlin, somebody on Twitter has probably heard of Wall-ay. Indeed, enough people have that someone let Wall-ay know about the incident, prompting the rapper to tweet the following:

Just in case Devlin didn't get the message, Wale decided to pay the announcers' booth a visit during the third quarter, creating an awkward scene where Wale's defensive yammering could be lightly heard over the announcers, trying to call the game while ignoring Wall-ay.

Evidently the rapper never quite got his word in edgewise, as he later tweeted his dissatisfaction:

This is all pretty great, and we hope it sets off an entire wave of local rapper / confused visiting announcer feuds. The tension between Kevin Harlan and T.I. has been simmering long enough.