From obscurity to Ellen—it's been a wild couple of weeks for Walk Off the Earth, the Canadian cover band who became YouTube immortals seemingly within minutes of posting their ten-hands-and-a-guitar rendition of Gotye and Kimbra's Australian smash "Somebody That I Used to Know." But indeed, 30 million YouTube views in half a month is apparently good enough to get you on daytime TV these days, and Walk Off the Earth (with duet partner Sarah Blackwood) appeared on Ellen this afternoon to reprise their "Somebody" schtick—with just the one guitar, of course.

The results were mostly respectable for a live (well, recorded live) one-take of a video that probably took a ton of rehearsing and a healthy amount of over-dubbing to put together. Some minor complaints—middle guy's voice cracks a little on the more guttural sections of the chorus, and everyone looks kind of scrunched compared to the video (benefits of sitting instead of standing, perhaps), but they still sound pretty good, and most importantly, guy on the right's got the same Sam-the-Eagle-type stoic facial expression and posture that was the secret weapon of the original video.

After their performance, Ellen brought out Fender guitars and amps for all of them—so that they don't have to play all on one guitar anymore, you see. Imagine—if each of them got to play their own guitar, they might have 150 million YouTube views by now!