"Walks Like Rihanna" Video: If The Wanted Can't Be One Direction, They'll Be Blink 182

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The moment for the Wanted to seriously challenge One Direction as the top boy band in the game has probably passed, for a lot of reasons. (Chief among them: The lack of a killer follow-up to "Glad You Came," the taint of tabloid sleaze that comes with palling around with Lindsay Lohan.) But can the boys be the new Blink 182, the funny guys who stand apart from a wave of bubblegum hotties, while also being closer to them than they might care to admit?

The Wanted take their first steps in that direction with their new music video for "Walks Like Rihanna," which retells the central joke of Blink's "All the Small Things" video: Isn't it hilarious to pretend to be a boy band?

We've got a marionette scene straight out of "Bye Bye Bye":

And airport dance that steals some moves from "I Want It That Way":

And then close with a dramatic rendition of Take That's "Back for Good." Finally, a British reference!

The song still sort of sucks, though.

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