Purposefully obnoxious electro-funk smart-mouth Wallpaper. is determined to grab some of that post-LMFAO mainstream action, so he's done what everyone else has done to get attention in 2011—he's covered Adele. Not "Rolling in the Deep," at least—Wallpaper. (argh, that period) at least has the sense to move one down the 21 tracklist to "Rumour Has It," the swaggerier kiss-off tune already given a spin by R&B singer Jeremih. 'Paper obviously puts his own spin on the track, making the lyrics significantly filthier ("Sure, he eats you out / But when he finished he ain't finish you out"), inviting Detroit rapper Danny Brown for a guest verse, and breaking the beat down to the classic heavy-breathing-synth hook from Art of Noise's "Moments of Love" on the bridge.

Does this all improve the song? Not really, but at least it's much more interesting than She Wants Revenge being the 947th act to kick the tires on "Deep." Baby steps.