Wanna See Lenny Kravitz’s Huge Penis?

Wanna See Lenny Kravitz’s Huge Penis?

(You Can Thank Us Later)

Lenny Kravitz has never looked so damn good.

The 51-year-old was letting it all hang out—and then some—during a performance in Stockholm last night—Popdust has the photo.

Kravitz's manhood mishap occurred as he crouched down and his super tight leather pants split right across the crotch area, exposing his super sized schlong.

Not surprisingly, the crowd went wild, and one happy concert goer posted a pic on Twitter, captioned, "Lenny Kravitz's #penis pops out onstage in Stockholm."

Ever the pro, Kravitz seemed pretty unfazed by his accidental flash, covering up his exposed crotch, before walking backstage for a quick change into some new, unripped pants.

Spoil sport.

Makes the Janet Jackson nipplegate incident look positively PG.

Perhaps old Len might want to consider wearing some underwear in the future…. actually, nah, please don't.

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