Want to Listen to 30 Seconds of Kanye's "Clique"? We Know You Do!

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TMZ has got a cut of Kanye West's upcoming Good Summer track "Clique" and is sharing their bounty with the public. If that seems to you an odd choice of venue, well, there's a reason TMZ is into it: West jams a number of gossip-ready references in the 30-second clip.

A selection:

Break records at Louie, break breakfast at Gucci

My girl a superstar all from a home movie

Clearly, Kanye West is not the type of suitor to be turned off by his paramour's sex tape.

Yeah, I'm talking Venice, I'm talking CIA

I'm talking George Tenet, I seen him the other day

He asked me 'bout my Maybach, I think he had the same

Kanye probably hasn't chatted about cars with the former Director of Central Intelligence for the CIA, but hey, since we're reporting all hip-hop name checks as fact now, let's just go ahead and assume Kanye pals around with waterboarders.

You know white people: Get money, don't spend it

Or maybe they get money by menace

Nobody tell Glenn Beck.

Listen to the sample here. The full version of "Clique" features Jay-Z and Big Sean and will be the second track on Good Summer.

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