Was Smashing Pumpkins' Bassist A Cover Model For "Siamese Dream"?

Like the Timex Social Club, we spend a lot of time lamenting the rumors surrounding us every day. How do they get started? And who are the damndest people who start them? From time to time, we'll try and debunk the more outrageous stories making online waves.

THE RUMOR: Smashing Pumpkins bassist Nicole Fiorentino was actually one of the cherubic cover models for the band's 1993 album Siamese Dream—and SP leader Billy Corgan just found out.


HOW THIS RUMOR GOT STARTED: A couple of tweets from Corgan yesterday set the world ablaze:

[blackbirdpie url="!/Billy/status/38431041173716992"]


[blackbirdpie url="!/Billy/status/38431213932916736"]


And if Billy Corgan says it, well, it must be true, right? Well...

KNOCK IT TO ITS KNEES, BABY: Corgan's been relishing his role as alt-rock's head heel for a while now, so the idea of him teasing the easily fooled Twitter populace while bored on a Thursday night isn't too far afield.

Maybe his tweets were inspired by a spin through his archives: In 2007, Corgan announced that he was looking for the girls-now-women in the photo, and Spin had a curious bit of speculation regarding the search (emphasis added):

While the search appears to be another one of Corgan's slightly odd, nostalgic moves, bloggers are curious as to the band's intentions upon locating the twins. Some claim they will replace the band's newest members or star on the cover of the next record, while some cite a relation to former low-ender D'Arcy. But many claim the twins, who may or may not be attached, are lost to rock myth forever.

It was never announced if Corgan's search was successful, so the possibility of him not knowing their identities today is still present. The photos for the album cover were shot by photographer Melodie McDaniel, and Rolling Stone got in touch with her assistant, who recalled the photo shoot being specific to the record. So that would have taken place in 1992 or '93. The girls on the cover look to be preteens, no? Well, despite the vague resemblance between the girl on the right and Fiorentino, the Smashing Pumpkins bassist is now 32, and she would have been in her early teens when the record came out—way too old to conceivably be in that shot. (Of course, she probably would have been a very cute young lady! But really.)

Anyway, Corgan isn't talking—he's just endorsing books about famous wrestling figures while he lets the masses freak out on Facebook and turn "Siamese Dream" into a trending topic on Twitter. Not bad on a day when Britney Spears and Radiohead have new material for people to freak out over! Meanwhile, Fiorentino has been "liking" every snide comment from someone outing themselves as a "real live album-cover model" on her Facebook page. Which is not to say that possibly sarcastic Facebook likes are incontrovertible evidence of anything! All I'm saying is, let's please not be surprised if over the next few days, Billy Corgan turns into Dark Helmet:

[Thanks to Hipsters United for the research assistance.]

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