Was Whitney's "Saving All My Love For You" About Jermaine Jackson?

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Whitney and Jermaine, huh? So says British tabloid The Sun, who alleges that the late pop legend had a year-long affair with the third-most-famous Jackson sibling back in the early days of her career. The rag claims that the affair is the reason Jermaine was so inconsolable after Houston's death some weeks ago, and why he was too emotional to attend Whitney's New Jersey funeral service the week after. The report also says that Jermaine's brother Michael was one of the few in the know about the two's relationship, but disapproved, likely due to Jermaine being married at the time.

All very interesting. But most interesting of all is the bombshell that the article drops early on, casting one of Whitney's most famous songs in an entirely new light: "Saving All My Love For You," which the rag claims was sung by Whitney with Jermaine in mind. Not to say, of course, that it was written about Jermaine—the song was a cover of a minor hit for Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis Jr. in the late '70s—but the Sun points out that the song "echoed the story of her secret affair with Jermaine," and says that Whitney "even hired a Jermaine lookalike for the song's video."

Well. Far be it from us to take anything the Sun says as gospel, but there are some interesting thinking points raised here. Wasn't "Saving All My Love For You" an oddly specific and morally ambiguous song for Whitney to choose as an early single, if it didn't have any kind of personal relevance? And doesn't the guy in the video really look a lot like Jermaine? Then again, doesn't it kinda defeat the point of having a Secret Affair when you record an unavoidable #1 hit about the subject? Might be an unconfirmed rumor for the ages here.