We know your local Target can be scary enough on its own, so apologies if reading the word "mob" in the headline above has caused you to break into a nervous sweat. Luckily the sounds of Beyoncé are a known cure-all. In an act of shameless self-promotion (hey, another hidden Glee campaign!) and corporate synergy (get your deluxe 4 discs now!), a flash-mob led by American Idol season nine contestant Todrick Hall took over a L.A.-area Target. With his moves at the helm, the constantly expanding group of talented dancers march to the sounds of B's "End of Time," adequately incorporating the store's own shopping baskets and red and white colors into their routine. We'll give them bonus points if they can prove those lettered sweatshirts spelling B-E-Y-O-N-C-E were made with materials purchased at the super store. Sure it's not as great as B's surprise performances at the East Harlem location, or casual drop-ins at New York City public schools but even though the tears are nonexistent and B is nowhere to be found, there's something oddly transfixing about the group's stepping routine. In case you haven't heard, the former Idol hopeful is shopping for a role on Glee. Since they clearly love them some flash-mobs, this video might do the trick.