The '90s are indeed back, and with them, one of the decade's finer music video institutions—the pool party video, a la "I Get Around" or "Ain't Nobody." In the half-minute preview clip for "Party," which would mark Beyoncé's...what are we up to with the music videos, five now? Six? new album 4, the Queen parties on a little raft in a pool at its maximum occupancy, while also chilling on a lawn chair. J. Cole shows up at a motel with great urgency, but alas, the video cuts off just before we get a chance to see what he had planned. As if we could be any more excited for the full-length video than we already are, really.

Between this, "Countdown" and "Love on Top," it's gonna be hard to know which to ticket for heavy rotation. Maybe it's a good thing that MTV doesn't play videos anymore.

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