Hey, remember this person? It's been a while since we've heard from Mariah Carey (and even longer since we heard from her in a non-bizarre HSN capacity), her being sidelined by The Great Dem Babies Pregnancy of 2010-11, but you can't keep a diva down forever, and Mariah finally resurfaced last night at the "Plot Your Escape" event at Gotham Hall in New York. MC took the stage in a black fishtail gown to perform a smattering of her biggest hits, mostly gravitating towards the 21st century stuff ("It's Like That," "We Belong Together," "Touch My Body," etc.) with a full-band accompaniment.

It looked like a classy affair, and courtesy of this Ustream capture of her performance of 2005's underrated "Shake It Off," we can see that Mariah both looks and sounds pretty good about ten months after giving birth, and her nu-soul-ish performance of "Shake" has a nice litheness and bounce to it. You do have to put up with the occasional bleep and bloop sounds of UStream during the video, but it's worth watching just the same. Pretend they're little production flourishes or something.