Watch A Solid Half-Minute of the New Britney Spears Video

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The filming process for the new Britney Spears video "Till the World Ends" is going really, really well, apparently. Not only does she have enough awesome footage from it to release two separate versions of the clip—one more plot-oriented, one more dance-oriented, both of which will undoubtedly be fascinating for a variety of reasons—but she has now deemed the product too hot to hold back from her fans, tweeting out a "quick peek" of the video, set for full release next Wednesday.

Unsurprisingly, the video takes the song's "Keep on dancing / Till the world ends" hook rather literally, with Spears and friends getting down in a dingy underground club (maybe next door to the one from "Me Against the Music") while Armageddon rains down from the sky outside. Britney seems unconcerned with the impending apocalypse, too busy getting friendly with the backups and doing her now-traditional running in place / lightly hopping from one side of the stage to the other-type dance moves to notice the death from above.

After this tantalizing teaser, we can't decide which version of the two videos we're more excited for. Probably whichever one Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck end up making cameos in.

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