It'd be hard and probably fruitless to try to guess any of the context surrounding this clip from the upcoming "Menace II Secret Society" episode of The Cleveland Show—guest starring the vocal talents Kanye West, Nicki Minaj, Bruno Mars, ?uestlove and, presumably as some sort of hip-hop illuminati—but it's pretty great regardless. Kanye shows up while the others are convening in underground council to preach to them about how ostrich-riding is gonna be the next big thing. ("It'll be lumpy. By the way, that's gonna be the new word for cool.") Parmesan hats are also involved.

From this clip, Kanye appears to be the big star of the episode, though the best moment is keyed around Bruno, who offers to co-co-write a song with Cleveland. The animated smile-turned-frown after Cleveland's "" response is too perfect.