The official video for Lady Gaga's "Judas" is still a week away—the promised "controversial" clip makes its debut on American Idol (Lady Gaga and Fox, who'da thunk it?)—but until then Carmen Reece, British singer-songwriter and consummate YouTube cover artist, is offering up her take on Mother Monster's latest single. This stripped down, piano-heavy version transforms Gaga's dancefloor jam into more of a power ballad, akin to some of the deeper Fame Monster tracks like "Speechless" and "Brown Eyes." It's lighter and less menacing than the original, without the distracting "Jamaican patois" (although those oversized musical notes behind Reece do her no favors), and may even be more enjoyable (traitor!). Go ahead and get today's Gaga fix below, and then try not to listen to Reece's other covers (which include Bruno Mars, Adele, Chris Brown and more).

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