Do we have to put a disclaimer on everything? OK, fine: no, we weren't invited to Kreayshawn's secret show at The Box (there, your secret is belatedly out) last night, and yes, we are butthurt. C'mon, Kreayshawn! Is it because we didn't like "Rich Whores"? Is it because we didn't respond an hour earlier? Basic bitches do this shit, so why are you even bothering?

At any rate, if you too are butthurt that you didn't get to see Kreayshawn perform for like fifteen minutes, the next best thing is embedded below. Cameras and memes are everywhere, because it's "Gucci Gucci" live! And that song we're not going to dignify by mentioning again! And two other songs called "Bumpin Bumpin" and "Left Eye," which are really poor title choices because they remind us of "Jumpin' Jumpin" and Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, both of which are leagues past Kreayshawn. This isn't a very good secret. (Again, please read the disclaimer.)

[Sound of the City]