If you can't stand to wait any longer for Justin Bieber's next Under the Mistletoe video "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town," to air before screenings of Arthur Christmas, enjoy an animagic Bieb who dresses and dances pretty damn closely to the real thing. Cartoon Bieber also shares the real's Bieb's desire to do good around the holidays as he and his penguin friend Topper help out Santa by bringing gifts to children in various locales, while providing a fast-paced soundtrack for all necessary activities. We take issue with the fact that the penguin is playing the drums instead of Justin, but we guess this allows his more flexible, animated self time to dance before his adoring critter fans who happen to get their paws on some markers and poster paper—more devoted than human Beliebers? It's likely that years from now our children will be watching some kind of amalgam of Christmas specials called How The Great Bieber Saved The Miracle of Christmas, so we might catch a glimpse of our future by watching below.