Haven't you heard? The VMAs are on Sunday! In keeping with MTV's constant slew of promotion, but without having to inject enthusiasm into the sound of Lil Wayne's voice, slap a letterman jacket on the body of Bruno Mars or fear for a Lady Gaga nip-slip, the network has unveiled a new series of promos recreating memories of Video Music Award Past. Oh yeah, and there are cute cats and dogs, too. If it worked for Jay-Z and Kanye... Below you can revisit Lady Gaga accepting Video of the Year from Cher at last year's show, and Madonna writhing around in the a wedding dress during her 1984 performance of "Like A Virgin." The latter is much more doable given kitty Mona's fur—plus the fact that cat's get drying cleaning discounts—and we have to believe she practiced those paw movements at the scratching post for days leading up to the shoot, we're slightly surprised as to how the Moxie the Gaga dog managed to not eat her own dress in between takes.

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