As expected, a response to last month's goofy, consumerism-driven rhyme "Whole Foods Parking Lot" has arrived. Yes, "Revenge Of The Black Prius" is similar in concept and practice to its predecessor, but we give Delia Brown's creation the edge thanks to the Tai chi dance break, the reference to tempah tampons and this line: "What, I shouldn't shop at Whole Foods cause I'm broke? / You think that I should eat an inorganic artichoke?" Story of our lives. There's also a shout out to Trader Joe's and its cheap brand of Charles Shaw wines (which we hope she drank copious amounts of while filming), which leaves the door open for the inevitable rap battle between enthusiasts of both stores. We're looking forward to that one, considering how heated things can get between TJ customers alone. (Not to Bragg like liquid aminos or anything, but New Yorkers are tough.)

For culinary inspiration before your weekend shopping trip, look no further than the video below.