Despite not having charted a real hit in five years, Ashanti shows that she's still got 'it' in the music video for her latest single, "I Got It."

What is 'it,' exactly? We're not entirely sure ourselves, but judging by this video, Ashanti's still got the same hot body, blinding beauty, and bangin' hip-pop tunes that briefly made her the leading R&B; artist in the game back in the early 2000s.

However, she should probably leave the dance movies to Ciara and Beyonce next time, because the lethargic booty popping and wasn't really doing it for us.

Other than that, Ashanti served up a solid effort -- especially considering that she's an independent artist now. We're looking forward to her serially-delayed new album, BraveHeart, which will finally see the light of day on March 4.