"Y'all mind if I sing to y'all for one second?" Beyoncé asked the Idol audience during Wednesday's finale night, in what was likely the most rhetorical question in the history of pop music. After watching the women of the Top 13 tackle hit after hit from the Beyoncé catalog ("Get Me Bodied" and "If I Were A Boy" included), the diva instructed said amateurs on how to deliver a classic ballad by debuting "1+1" off June's 4 (with just the right amount of Whitney Houston-style emphasis on the "oohs"). It's a straight up love song—and an ode to finding one's better half amidst personal crisis, "war," what have you—and obviously a lot meeker than the screaming female empowerment jam that is "Run The World (Girls)." After the single art for "1+1" was revealed, along with the album's track listing, we now have further proof this will be B's follow-up. "Girls" is growing on us, but considering it did initially divide fans, is an 180-degree turn a good move? Or is "1+1" still not quite the Beyoncé sound you're looking for? How about we compromise and she just re-releases "Halo" every few months? Great, works for us.