Beyonce's "Best Thing I Never Had" might not have cracked our career top ten for the singer, and we still don't think it's the best single choice ("I Care"! "Countdown"! Promote those!) But that doesn't mean we won't watch the video when it's out. And since "when it's out" was last night, catch up here on the best Thursday-night plans you possibly never had!

Two obvious bits of headline bait here: B's wedding and what may or may not be B's prom. Summary: Beyonce surrogate meets boy, boy hits on girl who isn't Beyonce's surrogate, then cut to lots of sun-dappled golf courses and boudoirs and Beyonce singing to the camera in negligees and wedding dresses the world will fawn over, looking quite overjoyed about it all. Let this be two lessons to promgoers: 1) things can improve! 2) Cameras see everything, including figurative ass-showing!