Continuing the Week of Beyoncé, which began with her historic headlining set at the U.K.'s Glastonbury Festival (a performance that will likely be used to teach "stage presence" in performing arts schools for years to come), MTV and BET will air "Beyoncé: Year of 4" on Thursday June 30. The special will be simulcast on both networks, and will re-air (to no end, we'd imagine) on VH1 and Palladia, as well as, MTV Hits and MTV Jams. Like Lady Gaga's HBO special and subsequent doc around the release of Born This Way, "Year of 4" examines Bey's fourth solo album, while documenting the inspiration for the record that grew from her personal life, namely her time spent out of the spotlight during an intentional hiatus. Fingers crossed for Jay-Z in loungewear!

There's not much to take from the snippet below—aside from the blaring horns that lead into "End Of Time" (which we're loving more and more each day) and the fact that Bey calls herself a "mad scientist"—but can this new special compete with her original MTV Diary in 2003? Will it reduce you to tears like her Thanksgiving special I Am...Yours? (It was the tryptophan, we swear.) Then again, we'll take any invite into Beyoncé's world (that is, until Obama facilitates our very own meeting with Queen B herself).

Watch the preview below:

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