How does Britney Spears feel about her (yes, still) upcoming Femme Fatale tour? Is she excited? Does she ever get stage fright? Has she been rehearsing? Predict Britney's response to all this gotcha journalism, then watch her feature on ET below and see how you did.

All the Britney elements are in place: leading questions with the exact answers they led to, a mildly sleazy interviewer (the "pop princess" terminology got dethroned around 2000; the "what did you do to physically prepare yourself?" question needs to be next) and attempts to hype up set clearance (people need to wear cuffs! That are green! Next they'll be stamping the back of people's hands and asking for ID and a hefty nondisclosure cover charge!)

Because this is a Britney Spears feature, too, it's already attracted swells of commenters speculating on how this either is or isn't the return of The Old Britney, which is apparently the only acceptable endpoint for Spears's career at this point. To be fair, both quantity and quality of dancing seem to have edged up a bit since Spears's last few TV walkathons, although the biggest spectacle of the show clipped this far involved her standing on a platform buoyed by light-up angel wings.

But we still wish people's hopes for Britney were a bit higher than wanting it to be 1999 again. Or barring that, at least that the tour either goes OK or stops if Spears ever needs it to stop. Unfortunately, that's one question we'll probably never get answered this interview cycle.