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Watch Cascada's "San Francisco" And Try Not To Think Of "California Gurls"

As summer slowly creeps in, the search for this year's perfect barbecue and pool party soundtrack rages on. There are already a few contenders, but can any of them be as big as last year's "California Gurls," Katy Perry's ode to the women of the Golden State? German trio Cascada, responsible for dance anthems like "Everytime We Touch" and "Evacuate the Dance Floor" have paid homage to the Northern city of Perry's homeland with their new song "San Francisco" off their upcoming album Original Me, and it's...ridiculously similar to the Teenage Dream megahit. Like really, really similar. (Copyright laws, anyone?) Compare the two for yourself below.

Okay, so maybe they just borrowed the melody and overall inspiration for the song, but the video is totally different—there isn't a single whipped cream bra in sight! But why didn't they want to sing about their native Germany? Bratwursts, beer halls and lederhosen, there's so much to be proud of! Who needs California anyway? [Buzzfeed]

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