If you heard that Charlie Sheen was releasing a song, how many guesses would it take you to come up with "Winning" as the title? If the answer is more than two, you need to spend at least five more hours a day on the internet. "Winning" is indeed the title of the Sheenius' new song, which he debuted during Saturday night's disastrous tour kickoff in Detroit. Unless he has some extended rap verse or flute solo after this clip cuts off at 2:17, Sheen's only contribution to the track is the catchphrase itself:

Mostly, the thing is just a chance for "collaborator" Snoop Dogg to rap unexcitedly about his and Sheen's awesomeness ("Hit us on Twitter / Look at all the traffic") while a vocodored, Kraftwerk-eseque voice intones "Winning" over and over again on the chorus, and Sheen himself does nothing in particular. Producer and current Filter guitarist Rob Patterson does an impressive job of making the song sound like a Filter track, but that hasn't been a good thing since 1998 and wasn't all that great back then either.