Watch Cher Lloyd's Breakdancing-Heavy "Swagger Jagger" Video

The random crew Cher Lloyd has assembled for her new video makes the awful "Clementine"-borrowing chorus of debut single "Swagger Jagger" a teensy bit more bearable. The X Factor alumna also relies on colorful captions and animated speakers (the party must be bumpin'!) to really scream her message to those jocking her style and announce her presence as a new artist in a totally immodest way. And that style would be "fierce," or at least she'd like you to think so (it's a little hard to describe her as such when she's wearing a red name-embroidered vest that makes her look like she's late to her shift at works at 7 Eleven, but...). Who would win in a battle of the sidewalk struts: Lloyd or Kreayshawn? And what's a better insult: "swagger jagger" or "basic bitch"? (Can you tell we're trying to start a feud? It's been days!) If anything else, this rave meets children's show of a video serves as further proof that Brits love color.

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