The image rehab continues for Chris Brown. Only this time, the recently blonde (and newly tattooed) singer manages to find a shirt before gushing about his feelings amidst the falling skies and crumbling urban landscape of a near apocalypse. (We won't tell him that he's three weeks too late on the whole rapture craze. Or early?) In the new video for "Next 2 You," Breezy is joined by the equally sensitive Justin Bieber, goofing around and hanging out on fire escapes with their respective lady friends to the disapproval of one overprotective father. (Who knew that The Bieb would be the bad influence in this scenario?) A dance off between these two is entertaining enough, yet it's made even more epic when set against the the backdrop of burning buildings. At almost eight minutes, the boys do their best to be lovers, crooners and Day After Tomorrow-esque heroes—considering Bieber's already been bitten by the movie bug, will a feature film from Breezy be next? Watch the very rough cut of the video, below.