So much for his history with morning shows, Team Breezy lives! A record crowd filled New York's Rockefeller Center (an outdoor space that is only about three blocks long) to see Chris Brown perform on Today's Summer Concert Series Friday morning. Maybe it was because they were hoping to catch an outburst similar to March's Good Morning America episode (which ended in a broken window and shirtless exit by the singer), or maybe it was simply because his upbeat party songs are just too good to pass up on a nice summer day. All the fan chaos caused the NYPD to close off 48th and 49th Streets, and projections for the total attendance range from 18,000 - 20,000 people, making it the biggest concert in the show's history. Yet instead of a Rihanna-triggered temper tantrum, Brown delivered a performance that was relatively stress-free, except for those few thousands who probably couldn't see much of him at all. Does this massive outpouring of Chris Brown love signify that all of his past (and public) wrongs have been forgotten? Is Breezy back? Regardless of his need to apologize frequently, those dance moves never really left. Even Al Roker is a fan!

Enjoy this morning's performance from the comfort of your own home, without 18,000 crazed fans breathing down your neck.