Darren Criss will once again sing Katy Perry on Glee this Tuesday, almost a year to the day he made his debut as Blaine Anderson, leading the Warblers in their tremendously successful version of "Teenage Dream," and winning both his series regular status and our hearts at the same time. Now that he's been freed from the confining piping and tight-fitting blazers of Dalton Academy, Blaine can have a lot more fun with his Perry performances. In the clip below, watch as he treats his teammates to "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)," which may have been a more appropriate fit for last year's alcohol episode—although at the time it wasn't an official single and Blaine and Artie hadn't made their cameos in the video, so the potential for endless cross-promotion wasn't quite ripe enough. For all his blustering about being dedicated and focused this year, The Schuester is definitely enjoying this performance of a song that's not entirely appropriate for a Sectionals set list. As he's known to do, Blaine gets all of his members out of their seats, especially Kurt, who succeeds in not being as distracted as we are by his Gilligan-esque outfit. It's a fun way to get back into a show we've been missing for the past few weeks, but why so serious, Santana?