Make as many "swag" jokes as you'd like, but DIddy's Last Train to Paris is still one of the most underrated albums of its year. Yes, it has yet to move even 300,000 copies as of earlier this month, and its count of singles and videos is rapidly approaching the double digits, but we'd still watch pretty much anything with 'Looking for Love" over it. A video that's film-noir enough to match J.Lack and Polow da Don's oppressive production? Even better. Watch it below:

Noir elements abound, obviously: sirens, skyline shots, smoke, approximately no lighting and about six femme fatales, at least one of whom is the subject of the lyrics. Dirty Money's Kalenna and Dawn have about as much of a role in the video as they do in the song--which is to say, almost none. Kat Graham also makes an appearance about halfway through that, shall we say, Diddy was probably very pleased with.

And appearing more than all three women combined is Usher, already a welcome presence because he's really singing on the track (previous singles were starting to stretch it) and always a welcome visual presence. Maybe the video will convince at least a couple of people to check out the full Last Train to Paris album? It's really good. We promise.