Even with a number of hit songs, a video with DJ Khaled in sweatsuits all by his lonesome probably isn't the best way to captivate an audience. Luckily he's joined by his more attractive and eccentric pals—Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross—in the new clip for "I'm On One," which he premiered on the red carpet at Sunday's BET Awards. Drake still hasn't shaved and Ross continues to let it all hang out in all of his bare-chested glory (not that we're complaining...about either one). It looks like Khaled didn't take any cues from the Taco Bell-love "Monster" rapper, who debuted his own video for the song over the weekend, instead opting for more opulent, eye-catching displays of swag (pretty ladies, fancy cars and a swanky, oceanfront pad). And as always, Weezy comes away with the girl (even after flipping her the bird?). Watch the video below: