There's a chance your Saturday night plans were more lively than watching TV. We understand. We also understand that Drake has a bit of a following, to say the least. And as we understand it, there's video from his Saturday Night Live performance out there.

First up: an interview! About a dozen interviews, in fact. The clip begins with brief niceties, proceeds through sweaters and failed seductions and ends as the least illuminating interview with Drake to this day.

Next, "Bag Jackin'," in which Drake raps about his alarming Halloween routine. Oh, and he's a (teenager dressed as a) werewolf, with shaggy hair and athlete's gear. It's by far his best performance of the night.

There was an actual performances, of course. You figured he'd perform "Make Me Proud" live; what we'll say about this is that Nicki Minaj, who also performs, should take immense pride in her choreography, choreographer (even if it's herself!) and/or skills. Below is that and "Headlines."