The second annual OVO Festival was held in Toronto this weekend, and since it's Drake's event on his home turf, he can perform tracks by just about any artist he wants (and wear a tank top). A Destiny's Child cover? Sure, it's not quite what we'd expect, but direct us to the nearest pair of headphones. Drake reworked DC's definitive member-changing announcement "Say My Name" on stage, stretching out each note to make things more heartbreaking rather than chastising. With the depressing contemplative road much of his Take Care tracks going down, there's not a whole lot of guarantee that this new take wouldn't end up on his sophomore album. Plus, he's already pals with Stevie Wonder, so a full-on collaboration with Beyoncé or Ms. Kelly should be an easy get. They have a mutual friend, after all. We welcome any excuse to revisit The Writing's On The Wall, but if you're one who thinks Drizzy's singing could use some work, this is not the clip for you. Although the big goofy smile at the end makes even the most questionable vocals entirely worth it.