Once again Eminem is plagued by his inner demons in his new video for "Space Bound," only this time they manifest themselves in the form of his own evil twin. The additional Em—his conscience?—rides in the backseat while he and his girlfriend (played by adult film star Sasha Grey) take a nighttime drive. Tension is palpable, and a split screen unfolds as the feuding couple stops at a roadside diner, with a confused Em torn between keeping his cool and letting his jealousy get the best of him by checking her text messages. Good Em continues to rap peacefully (well, peacefully by comparison—he still looks angry) while Evil Em begins to attack his girl. But before things go the way of "Love The Way You Lie," her body disappears, creating the idea that everything, even the relationship, was all in his mind. Perhaps the most shocking moment of all comes when Shady pulls out a gun and abruptly shoots himself in the head, a bloody, slow-mo sequence worthy of any action flick. You can't fault him for using his own music videos as his personal therapy sessions (two birds with one stone). Everything plays back from end to beginning, causing us to have second thoughts about the true meaning of it all. One thing is for certain: this guy needs a hug.