Watch Florence And The Machine Debut Two New Songs Live

It's far too early in Florence and the Machine's album cycle--as in, there's no album until Halloween--to say whether new song "Shake It Out" is a hit or just the one that's new. So while you're deciding, why not hear a few new songs? These are live recordings from the Luv Luv Luv Records launch party, but you'll get an idea of their sound regardless. (And of Florence Welch's substantially less Pre-Raphaelite hair, but hey, back to the music.) We've heard two:

Only If For A Night: The moodier of the two songs, Welch picks her way through a murk of low piano notes, tambourine and either guitar or synth (the sound's also murky; it's hard to tell). Something tells us there will be heavyp production on this one's studio version. Something other than NME saying so and comparing the studio version we haven't heard to Drake, that is.

Heart Lines: Uptempo, could really stomp in full live form. Compare "Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)," on the chorus at least.

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