Watch Former Disney Rapper Allison Jayne's Awesome Lady Gaga "Hair"ody

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When you write the lyric "I am my hair," you're opening yourself right up to parody. Hell, when you're Lady Gaga, you're opening yourself right up to parody. Those parodies, however, are seldom as awesome as this tribute by rapper Allison Jayne.

Just take a look at all the styles here, hair and otherwise. There are so many to pick from! The flowerpot bra with tinfoil skirt and blonde-dagger mohawk look! The "Bad Romance" Kewpie-doll-in-the-bathtub look, updated for blondes, brunettes and redheads! The oversize-hairbowed, tutued and googly-eyed Ke$ha look, pictured above!

It's no wonder Perez Hilton approves (sigh), because these looks all purposefully resemble Lady Gaga on crack--one of the lyrics, and representative of Allison Jayne's take on "Hair." Over the original's RedOne stutter breakdown, she raps the likes of "Sometimes I feel like all he really wants from me is my hair!" and "You can see my hair from Indonesia!" with the merest wisp of a breakup storyline to weave it all together. It's all incredibly silly, but it's the most fun thing you'll watch all day.

It helps that Allison Jayne's a veteran of this sort of thing; not only has she done remixes of MGMT, LCD Soundsystem and Vampire Weekend, she's rapped under about as many names as (now thankfully back to) Diddy. A quick primer with videos:

- As fan_3, she turned out Radio Disney hits like "Geek Love," but her debut album was shelved and she was dropped from her label.

- Still as fan_3, she joined teenpop group Shut Up Stella with Jessie Malakouti (now opening for Britney Spears' Femme Fatale tour after a mini-ripoff controversy) and Kristen Wagner (now in L.A. synthpop group Bullet & Snowfox). They recorded an album or so's worth of songs (one single, "Welcome To My Party," made the Baby Mama soundtrack) but were also dropped, all songs shelved.

- Now going by either Fannius III or Fannius, she took to YouTube, Myspace and similar Internet hideaways for tracks like the flirty "Girlfriend" and the record-deal FU "Major Label Blues."

- Finally, she went back to birth name Allison Jayne; this is the era with the excellent post-breakup "Anthem."

Needless to say, this video is a bit of a signal boost for Jayne. But that's to be expected for anything Gaga. After all, in Jayne's own words: H-A-I-R, that's the way to be a star.

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